•   Driving Performance, Delivering Results.  

      Driving Performance, Delivering Results.  

Suburban Corporate Headquarters

Uncovering more energy savings in an already energy-efficient facility


  • A 670,000-square-foot suburban corporate headquarters constructed in the 1970s had already been made more energy-efficient because of its owner’s dedication to energy management.
  • Corporate leadership wanted to do more to emphasize sustainability, however, and enacted aggressive campus-wide annual energy use reduction targets that applied to each facility regardless of its recent energy performance.
  • Site staff at the headquarters, which was already fairly energy-efficient, were directed to identify and implement energy-saving measures to further reduce energy use. They chose to pursue retro-commissioning as a means to optimize HVAC system energy performance.
  • Employees working in several areas of the building had registered complaints about being too cold, a situation that suggested an energy-savings opportunity.


  • We assisted the building owner with submitting an application to participate in the local utility’s retro-commissioning incentive program.
  • After the application was approved by the program administrator, we worked with site staff to launch and execute the retro-commissioning project.
  • Ten energy-saving opportunities that met very favorable financial criteria were identified through our systematic evaluation of energy-consuming systems.
  • The building owner selected six of the ten no-cost and low-cost measures for implementation, which was completed by the owner’s usual preferred contractors. We provided assistance and ensured that the measures achieved their anticipated return on investment.
  • Through these energy-saving measures, we helped site staff reduce annual energy use by an additional 4% with a simple payback of under 4 months.
Suburban Corporate Headquarters
Suburban Corporate Headquarters

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