•   Driving Performance, Delivering Results.  

      Driving Performance, Delivering Results.  

Suburban Acute Care Hospital

Answering management’s call: “Find ways to reduce operating costs!”


  • The owner of a 300-bed, acute care medical center constructed in 1996 was searching for ways to reduce operating costs in order to improve financial performance.
  • Three chillers operate during summer months (1500-ton centrifugal and two 400-ton scroll), and two operate during other months (450-ton centrifugal and 900-ton absorption). Three natural gas boilers produce steam for space heating, sterilization, and domestic hot water.
  • The air distribution system includes 18 air-handling units (AHUs) and both variable air volume (VAV) and constant volume (CV) terminal units.
  • A building automation system (BAS) enables programming of most HVAC equipment, including the chillers, boilers, and AHUs.
  • In order to maximize energy savings at minimal cost, and given the capabilities of the medical center’s BAS, we recommended that the owner pursue retro-commissioning through the local utility’s incentive program.


  • With our help, the owner applied to participate in the local utility’s retro-commissioning incentive program; the proposed project was accepted.
  • During the cooling season, we identified eight energy-saving opportunities with the potential to reduce annual electricity use by over 440,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh).
  • We returned during the heating season and identified an additional 280,000 kWh of electricity savings and over 60,000 therms of natural gas savings through a combination of no-cost/low-cost and capital investment measures.
  • Although the owner decided not to implement all energy-saving measures, they realized significant savings, and a simple payback of six months, from those they did implement.
  • By adopting a strategic approach to energy efficiency, and leveraging local utility incentives, we helped medical center management improve their financial performance.
Suburban Acute Care Hospital
Suburban Acute Care Hospital

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