•   Driving Performance, Delivering Results.  

      Driving Performance, Delivering Results.  

Multi-Facility Regional Food Manufacturer

Generating savings in both process energy and comfort energy


  • A regional food manufacturer with a $5 million annual energy expense had not performed energy audits of its four buildings—a primary production facility, a secondary production facility, and two warehouses—in the past five years.
  • Company leadership recognized the need to improve energy efficiency of their buildings in order to reduce operating costs, increase their margins, and remain competitive.
  • We were engaged to identify and evaluate no-cost/low-cost and capital investment energy-saving opportunities at all four buildings and present our findings to company leadership.
  • Site staff acknowledged a lack of centralized control and automation at both the system level and the facility level. We were also informed that access to production line and system design documentation would be limited.
  • We planned our work respecting the most important project requirement: under no circumstances could the production lines suffer any negative impact.


  • Our team visited the four buildings and identified energy-saving opportunities consisting of: optimized scheduling; lighting retrofits and upgrades; HVAC system measures; waste heat recovery; battery charging issues; and, compressed air measures.
  • We documented equipment and operations that were working well at each building, as well as our observations about recurring practices that presented challenges to continuous energy performance improvement.
  • Detailed technical and financial data analysis supported each recommendation. We calculated energy cost savings for each facility using unique unit costs of electricity and natural gas.
  • In the aggregate, our recommendations projected annual electricity savings of 1.7 million kilowatt-hours (kWh), annual natural gas savings of 325,000 therms, and an overall simple payback of under 5 months.
  • The combined annual energy cost savings of nearly $400,000 represented for the manufacturer a potential 8% reduction in their energy budget.
Multi-Facility Regional Food Manufacturer
Multi-Facility Regional Food Manufacturer

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