•   Driving Performance, Delivering Results.  

      Driving Performance, Delivering Results.  

Internationally Esteemed Art School and Museum

Designing and implementing a transformative energy management program


  • world-renowned art school serves more than 3,500 students annually, and the associated museum receives 1.5 M visitors annually. Depending on the year, they spent from $4 to $6 million on electricity and natural gas annually.
  • School and museum leadership had approached energy management inconsistently, relying on their facilities staff, energy suppliers, and mechanical contractors for ad hoc guidance.
  • With ten facilities between them, the institutions sought to reduce their energy spend and optimize their energy performance. They recognized that in order to achieve these goals, they needed an energy industry expert to direct their efforts.


  • We were selected to develop and lead an energy management program consisting of purchasing, efficiency, consulting, and reporting.
  • Shortly after launching the program, we recommended buying electricity with a long-term perspective instead of as a series of short-term, one-off decisions. Natural gas purchasing was brought in-house after years of passive participation in a supplier’s customer pool.
  • We deployed energy engineers to find and evaluate energy-saving opportunities. Measures were prioritized and, with our help, implemented by facilities staff and their preferred contractors.
  • To facilitate effective long-term energy management, we instituted a quarterly team meeting structure, issued monthly performance reports, assisted with capital planning, and offered advice regarding new construction.
  • Our consultants completed other cost-cutting initiatives, including: strong negotiation with new energy suppliers; a rigorous approach to energy budgeting; and, verification of energy savings from completed projects.
  • During the nine-year collaborative relationship, we expanded leadership’s understanding of energy risk and helped imbed energy management best practices.
  • The cumulative value of the engagement from both year-over-year energy cost reduction and future energy cost avoidance exceeded several million dollars.
Internationally Esteemed Art School and Museum
Internationally Esteemed Art School and Museum

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