•   Driving Performance, Delivering Results.  

      Driving Performance, Delivering Results.  

International Big-Box Home Furnishings Retailer

Helping a global company reduce energy use by 10% across North America


  • A global retailer of home furnishings set a worldwide goal of transitioning to net zero energy use over a number of years. Their strategy emphasized energy efficiency and on-site renewable energy.
  • We were engaged to perform energy audits and analyses of energy-consuming equipment and practices at 36 stores and distribution centers across North America.
  • Over a fourteen-month timeframe, we were tasked with completing the energy audits and presenting our results and recommendations to company executives.
  • At each building, we worked closely with site staff to better understand operations and energy use requirements. In order to understand around-the-clock performance, our investigation occurred during a combination of daytime business hours and nighttime re-stocking hours.


  • Our staff was divided into teams that were deployed regionally; we grouped multiple site visits into single trips to maximize our productivity.
  • We identified energy-saving opportunities and introduced best practices for reducing electricity and natural gas use, including low-cost adjustments to lighting controls and HVAC automation systems, and solutions for loading docks, kitchen exhaust hoods, and more.
  • In addition, we considered renewable energy options, and made preliminary recommendations for on-site solar power at appropriate locations.
  • In comprehensive site-specific reports, we provided full technical and financial details, and we offered guidance to management and staff on integrating sustainable behaviors and policies into ongoing operations.
  • We presented company executives with energy-savings measures that were projected to reduce baseline energy use by more than 10% and save $1.7 million across the portfolio with an average simple payback of about 3.4 years. Two-thirds of the energy use and cost savings, however, derived from no-cost/low-cost measures with a simple payback just over 1 year.
International Big-Box Home Furnishings Retailer
International Big-Box Home Furnishings Retailer

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